Members are not restricted to Queensland or in fact Australia. Members of the club have spanned from Lebanon, Hawaii and England to name but a few countries.  Her Royal Highness The Queen Mother and the Late Dame Elizabeth Murdoch were also both members.


The club is totally unfunded and relies on the generosity of Government bodies, corporations and members of the public, who kindly donate their time, facilities or both to ensure that the social needs of the centenarians are met.


There is no joining fee for members and in most cases they do not have to pay for any of the outings, luncheons or dinners that they attend. Membership cannot be bought. The only way a person can join is to have reached the age of 100 years.


If you are turning 100 years or older or know of someone who is and would like to become a member please contact Suzanne Bish, The 100+ Club Coordinator.


Members receive a Certificate, an exclusive badge, newsletters and invites to all upcoming events.